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Game News
Welcome to Disciples of DeSade Guild website.

This is a Social/Leveling guild and the main goal is to help others level their toons, their professions etc...

Guild bank access is limited for people "in training" status to only 1 withdraw per day 
Once someone becomes a member the access is increased. Please don't be afraid of pulling stuff from guild bank as it is there to be used, either to help you level your toon or your profession. We ask only one thing, please use the items you pull, don't sell them for gold.

If you need help getting an item or finishing a quest feel free to ask me (Nahis) or any of my alts or other guild members we always try to help each other.

Here are some links that might help.

Data base website, useful for finding the location of specific items, quest objectives, zone drops etc...

A wikipedia type site for wow from lore questions to  number crunching you will find it here.

more to come.

Still nothing come to  mind so here are more videos 

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lopus78, Sep 18, 11 11:49 PM.
Friday !! from now on just as something to do I (nahis) will be doing clasic raids  on Fridays .. why ??  well we dont have  enough people to do current content so i was thinking it would be fun to go to clasic raids and get items to transmorg

the Temple of AQ, The Ruins of AQ, Molten Core and Blackwing Lair are the ones I am aiming for.

will post it in the guild calendar by tomorrow 


No news !! :(

lopus78, Aug 29, 11 6:20 PM.
we had a few promotions  but nothing big  :D still trying to  update and fill the site with useful information and useless fun videos, i think my English is getting worst  lol  and that's about it .

we got a new tab !!

lopus78, Aug 19, 11 10:33 AM.
thanks guys we got another guild tab !! yeah !!! 

so just as a reminder 

people "in training" rank  have access to first tab!, please feel free to grab anything before  its sold for guild funds
once a week.
people "member" rank  have more access to first tab  and now can access all other tabs!!! this other tabs are to level your proffessions so go ahead and grab them thats why we are here to level!! just dont sell mats for gold please use them your self 
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